International Braille Contest Prague 2011

Second International Braille Contest in Prague

For the second time, the parties that were previously involved in the First Braille Contest in Prague, assembled to organise an international competition in Braille.

The committee gathered representatives of:

- SONS - Czech Blind United

- De Facto Association from Płock/Poland - promoting employment of blind people 

- Spektra - supplier of special equipment for disabled people from Prague/Czech Republic

- Harpo - supplier and manufacturer of special equipment for disabled people from Poznań/Poland.

November 12th, 2011 the participants of the Contest competed in dictation, reading text and the formatting text - all in Braille with use of electronic Braille devices (EasyLink 12 and BraillePen 12).

The results were assessed by Polish/Czech jury. The jury have calculated the results and announced the winners in this order:

1. Peter Cermak (CZ), 714 points

2. Agnieszka Krawcow (PL), 712 points

3. Alicja Nyziak (PL), 707 points

4. Vladimír Dvořák (CZ), 706 points

5. Maciej Kapczyński (PL), 705 points

6. Vladimir Bodis (CZ), 686 points

The winners received valuable prizes, among other devices BraillePen12 , BraillePen Slim and iPhone.

All participants stayed the night after contest in Prague. Hosts made guests familiarise themselves with the Czech food and organised city tour. 

PhD. Milan Pešák, Senator of the Czech Senate invited all participants and organisers to the buildings of the Senate. 

Gala dinner and the awards ceremony closed the busy day.

Participants left Prague with deep impressions and thoughts on preparing the next competition. 

Our goal is to extend the competition for participants from other European countries. We would like to thank the contestants for participating and all are welcome to marshalling rounds of the competition in two years.


The contest

The contest

The prize!

In the Czech Senate

In the Czech Senate

In the Czech Senate

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