International Braille Contest Budapest 2020

Sixth International Braille Contest in Budapest

International Braille Contest 2020

The International Braille Contest 2020 for blind persons was planned to be organized by four non-government organisations from V4 countries, acting for the benefit of the visually impaired community:

The International Braille Contest has become a must-attend event for many visually impaired persons. It is a meeting area for the organisers and contestants and a great opportunity to tighten the bonds of friendship, while learning new technologies and sharing experiences and visiting interesting places.

The contest was planned to be organised in the frame of Project supported by the International Visegrad Fund. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and restrictions introduced in the countries of the project's Partners, the final of the Contest cannot take place, which resulted in premature termination of the project.

The Project is supported by the  International Visegrad Fund. 

All information on the IVF can be found at .

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