The Hungarian qualifying round of the International Braille Contest was held on Saturday, the 21st of April 2018. The contest was supported by the International Visegrad Fund and was organized by INFOALAP in Budapest.

Schedule of the Hungarian Braille Contest:

  1. 8:15-8:30: arrival of colleagues who take part in the organization of the contest;

  2. 8:45-9:00: arrival of the first group of the contestants;

  3. 9:00-9:05: opening speech of the director of Infoalap;

  4. 9:05-9:25: reading;

  5. 9:25-9:30: break;

  6. 9:30-9:50: dictation;

  7. 9:50-:9:55: break;

  8. 9:55-10:35: editing and sharing;

  9. 10:35-11:00: break for the contestants, the jury evaluates the achievement of the first group;

  10. 11:00-11:05: opening speech for the second group of the contestants;

  11. 11:05-11:25: reading;

  12. 11:25-11:30: break;

  13. 11:30-11:50: dictation;

  14. 11:50-11:55: break;

  15. 11:55-12:35: editing, sharing;

  16. 12:35-13:00: evaluation of the achievement of the second group of the contestants, comparation with the first group;

  17. 13:00: announcement of endresults, gratulation, the contestants receive their prizes.

Six contestants who are keen on Braille culture have shown last Saturday how good they are at reading, writing, editing in Braille and whether they can send their work in an e-mail to the jury. They started to practice to use their own cellphones with a Braille display weeks before the contest. For most of them Braille display was not a familiar tool. In spite of this fact they all were very interested in the possibility to learn to use it and open for new ways of combination of modern technology and Braille. The contest was held in a friendly atmosphere. The contestants encouraged each other.

Results of the Hungarian contest:

  1. Names of the participants    Scores

  2. Zsuzsanna Babics                    461

  3. Mária Bieber                             465

  4. Orsolya Lebcelterné Veiland    463

  5. Vera Jánosi                              406

  6. Melitta Lakatos                         473

  7. Zsigmond Péter                        472

At the end we had the three best contestants who scored the most points. Our winner, Melitta Lakatos is just 15 years old and already an expert in Braille. Our second best contestant, Zsigmond Péter is an older gentleman with more decades experience in Braille printing as employee of the Braille Printing House. Our third contestant is a lady, Mária Bieber. Unfortunately, she cannot come to Poland on the International Braille Contest, therefore Orsolya Veiland who had the 4th place and has also amazing reading skills in Braille will come to Poland.

Below there are the links with publications about the Hungarian contest:

We are proud of our winners and we are curious about the results in Poland.

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