International Braille Contest Prague 2010


The first International Braille Contest took place in the Municipal Library of Prague November the 7th, 2010.

The following participants were awarded after exciting competition:

  1. 1. Petr Čermák, 715 p.

  2. 2. Vladimír Dvořák, 712 p.

  3. 3. Alicja Nyziak, 707 p.

  4. 4. Małgorzata Lubas, 706 p.

  5. 5. Maciej Kapczyński, 700 p.

  6. 6. Vladimír Bodiš, 694 p.

We hope to have started an important event that will help popularise Braille literacy among blind people in Europe.

We invite you to read an encouraging picturesque report on the 2010 edition, written by one of the contestants – Alicja Nyziak. Have fun reading and join us during next editions!

Open Braille Contest 2010 – prizes awarded! by Alicja Nyziak


First International Braille Contest in Prague